There Is A Massive Difference Between Playing To Win And Playing Not To Lose. Which Have You Followed?



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Because Selfworth Never Go On Sale!

"VILMAX  idea is a Selfworth Awakening"
After 20 YEARS Of Fear And Fail, Fall And Up, VILMA Continues To Push Herself Outside Her Comfort Zone And Away From Conventional Wisdom, In The PURSUITS Of Reaching Her Life Purpose And Dreams! As She Said Countless Times, VILMAX IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, But Only If YOU Want To Own YOUR POWER BACK, PULL THE F*/&$# TRIGGER And CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE!


VILMAX lifestyle is a 'deep  learning life theory' where you learn HOW to take your LIFEFORCE back, no matter how you start.

Start with:

  1. TIMEBOX[M] your life;

  2. CLEAR your debts;

  3. CREATE a vision;

  4. CONNECT with people on the same (similar) vision.


Vilma knows first-hand how lack of money can hold you back. Our natural tendency to avoid it at all costs can be detrimental to our business, our careers, our lives. Determined to change that, Vilma takes us down a path where rejection, instead of being avoided, is deliberately and actively sought.


Prepare Yourself And Influence The Change! What Will You Regret For Not Doing Or For Risks Not Taken? Will You Go Out On Your Belly, Knees Or Standing Tall?

Who Should Take VilMax Lifestyle?

For Family

How all started
Vilma’s journey started with 4 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 days with some hours before her 5th anniversary celebration.

For Business

Business Equals Owner
Through the understanding of your life-family-tree, you will find the characters with the patterns for success in any kind of business.

For Corporation

Success Needs Excellency
When do you have that excellent team? As a CEO or a business owner you are the highest role in your business or the company that you represent
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Since then each celebration has become a simple parable that reveals profound truths about her culture and molded her life path. Her lifestory is an amusing enlightening story of 5 letters, V,I,L,M,A, who lived trapped in a culture and she seeked for happiness to nourish her family to make herself happy.

So, through her expert advice provided with the ‘Vilma’s Lifestyle program’, you’ll know what you really need, to build a strong family and what you absolutely do not need from the heritage of your family. Life is complicated simple to live. But How? This is what the Vilma’s Lifestyle program, will show you and teach you how to do it too.

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Business is a metaphor to sell services or products to make other people happy. But if you are not happy, how can you have success in your business?

When you follow the “Vilmax’s Lifestyle Program”, you will discover for yourself how to deal with money, how to treat your customers, how to direct to your staff and also how to deal with stress by using your creativity and inner power to face the challenge. How? This is what the ‘Vilma’s Lifestyle program’, will show you how to transform memory into vision.

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But who learn you to adapt in time when things sees changing can lead to something better?

In such moment, we all share something in common: “A survival need to find a certain way in the organisation to perform and succeed in changing times.”

Really? Did you know that in those changing times your personal (past) reality becomes the dominant hungry for  success? In ‘Vilma’s Lifestyle Program’, you as a CEO or responsible for an organisation, will learn to do things differently.

  • Vilma will teach you to see certain way between activity and productivity, so the change become a success.
  • Vilma will show you how to fire non-productivity staff and transform them into the performance members of productivity.

Who is Vilma?

Vilma Winter-Joe's birth-date is 19th  March 1966 and  8th April 2017 her rebirth-date.   

Mark Twain said: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

What also makes VILMA unique and extremely effective is the way she teaches. Instead of pushing concepts down to the audience, she relates with them using humor and authenticity. She pulls the audience into her own stories and lets them apply the lessons themselves.  


 Voltage (The power of your lifestory)


 Inspiration (Who can you inspire with your story?)


 Life (Are you loyal? Whom can trust you?)


 Mark (Which traces leave you behind?)


 Acceptation ('STAGE of LIFE' <> 'STATE' of the NOW moment)


"I have lived a life promoting love for everyone. Why? Because the GENETICAL conditioning. The human spirit is non conditionable and unbreakable. What can I do with this GIANT  that push me moving forward?" 

2008: My vision after my study of NLP was: 
I Live,
Forgive To Can Live.

2019:  11 year later, my question today the day is: 
Why Did I Need Forgiveness To Live My Life? Did  Forgiveness Change My Life? How Hypocrite Are We, When It Comes About Forgiveness?



Leverage the full potential of LIFE EXPERIENCES and catapult your consciousness into new levels of happiness. 

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