There Is A Massive Difference Between Playing To Win And Playing Not To Lose. Which Have You Followed?



You are responsible for your own life and the style you choose!

WARNING: Your Life Will Change!   YOUR lifestory TOUCHED you and
YOU touch us NOW


In 2008, Vilma wrote her testimonial with the goal of helping her generation to become debt free proof. Vilma turned her name into VILMAX means ‘fearless’ in life by the ancient divinity and describes the philosophy and way of life of a true warrior.  We aim to serve you and make your team fearless, so they can sell more and achieve higher like warriors.

The story started when Vilma, an international professional who had been afraid of rejection her whole life, decided to overcome her fear through a debt free process of 3 years.

Not only did it change her life. She learned that by embracing lack of money, asking for help, knowing the possibility to be rejected people can achieve their dreams and perform at their highest potential.

In the subsequent years, Vilma became more popular for certain way of her thinking. She started to train small groups in her house, working with organizations ranging from companies and healing people overcome fear and rejection-proof.

By combining her own story with science-based approaches and challenging people to seek out rejections and learn from their encounters, she developed a training program that's unique and highly effective. 

only for those who WANT IT!!!

With each encounter, we aim to share knowledge that is true, simple and practical and that will transform more people’s lives. 
Make this commitment with yourself!
Learn about MONEY and learn about LOVE.

Print this A-4, fill in your name and your wish to commit with yourself in your chosen steps(1,2,3 or 4), then sign and date it. Place this A-4 in a prominent position where you will see it every day!

Every time you look at your A-4 paper, believe and feel how your OWN SHIT, makes this all happen to you. Connect with people who aim also a life filled with mental peace.

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