There Is A Massive Difference Between Playing To Win And Playing Not To Lose. Which Have You Followed?



This is a LIFE changing course.  It is a starting point on a journey that will change your life!  By the end of this course, you will be certified, registered and to keep yourself registered as a conscious community.  You become a changemaker in life wherever you go.

Build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art with growing in your own deep learning life experiences Move from fast, flexible authenticity to large scale production deployment. Internet is Open sourced. Flexible and scalable.

  • Cloud platforms, Hybrid Front-End, Tools & Libraries,  Common people.  It is not the sky is the limit, you LIFESTYLE is.
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Lesson 1

VILMAX Core Principles
We are alive, so we must live the life we choose to live. We will begin by redefining the definition of
  • Commitment
  • Happiness
  • External factors
  • Internal factors
You will learn about your correlation and constellation structure, our multi-dimensionality connection 256※256 with our past,how to use the present and the importance of life force energy that connects all living beings.

Lesson 2

Define your LIFE-WORK PATH 
We will begin this lesson with guidelines on individual level information you can appropriate access to what works for you and where your heart beats for. You will work in group of 2 to connect on a level to tune in the power of trust, truth and humbleness. This alone is usually a highly transformational experience for students!

Lesson 3

Accessing your FAMILY Blueprint
From here you start to organize your future life. You will learn about the various waves and patterns in your family that you had inherit. Blueprint waves define the level of courage in your anatomic body. You will learn that there is no negativity or positivity in life. Only the judgment define the path.

Lesson 4

Connectivity LIFE and experiences 
We teach you in this lesson how to understand what you feel, what you think, what you do and why you feel, why you think and why you do. You will learn and see patterns of waves that defined you wealth, heath, relationships ad the depth of your sensitivity. This is the step into becoming a VILMAX PRACTITIONER.

Lesson 5

Your Karmic influences
Now you are ready to enter the realm of your own feelings and influence them. In this lesson, you'll learn how to uncover, recover and discover the waves in your mind that pull you into the life you are living. You will also learn the core principles of gratitude, humbleness, intuition and observation.

Lesson 6

Recharging Karmic energies
As a learn VILMAX PRACTITIONER you can observe and teach yourself how to discover parts in your life that sabotage your success and happiness in your life. Family energies and karmic energies will show you how they will continue to help you and affect you in your future life. You'll learn exactly how past negative influence will stay always, you will learn how, through choice, and how to connect with your lifepath.

Lesson 7

Love/Work Architect
This is the most great part of the course. Now you are in a total chaos to choose what work for you and what no longer is working for you. Through your intention and you destination family karmic inherit-age, will define your state of life and your happiness in each stage of life.

Lesson 8

Judgments of personal Work Experiences 
This lesson shows you how to maintain your choices and how your karmic patterns are there to help you. You will learn how to help others to discover exactly what choices created the negative karmic patterns in your life. There will be in this state of the course no room for doubt. You will also learn how to hear what people do not tell you. In this state of the course you will be full in your life karmic path, you will get many unexpected information to go where you belongs to be.

Lesson 9

OWNING and Clarity
This part is the cleaning process of what will stay and what become less important. You will learn how to clear thoughts that no longer serve you and that place will become sacred spaces that support your growth and sensitive evolution! OWNING is a state in life where you choose to live no matter what. 

Lesson 10
Maintain the Clearing life Record
This course is designed for influencers, winners and changemakers mind. When you TAP, TUNE and TURN into your family life energies, you can never be the same anymore. Your family karmic line is as a network over your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT that protect your SOUL and all you touch. Vilma is a highly practical, thorough and accurate so many teachings, that she know by now, what it means when you start to live life, instead to follow a cultural pattern. 


Master Trainer:
Vilma Winter-Joe

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VILMAX Lifestyle

Your Investment:
1) Euro 1,999.00 incl OB
2) Ten Monthly Payments Of
Eur 199.90
3) 1 payment of Euro 1,500.00 incl OB
  1. Duration: 10 months
  2. Practical personal group meeting: 1x per month personal meeting.
  3. Theoretical: each week new homework per email to observe your own personal growth.
  4. Price included:
  • 21% OB
  • Workbook
  • Drinks/snacks
  • App motivation when you need that
  • Free FIB registration


  • Each 10 registration, will a group be organized.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own life and transcend the confinement of most people's think when they are on a deathbed.

Take Your Power Back

  • If you're still reading, you are deeply interested in your personal development and growth.
  • But you may feel as if there are puzzle pieces of understanding still missing that are keeping you from stepping into your fullest potential.