There Is A Massive Difference Between Playing To Win And Playing Not To Lose. Which Have You Followed?



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Vilma’s journey started with 4 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 days with some hours before her 5th anniversary celebration. Since then each celebration has become a simple parable that reveals profound truths about her culture and molded her life path. Her lifestory is an amusing enlightening story of 5 letters, V,I,L,M,A, who lived trapped in a culture and she seeked for happiness to nourish her family to make herself happy.

So, through her expert advice provided with the ‘Vilma’s Leadership Lifestyle program’, you’ll know what you really need, to build a strong family and what you absolutely do not need from the heritage of your family. Life is complicated simple to live. But How? This is what the Vilma’s Lifestyle program, will show you and teach you how to do it too.
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